The first one

I’ve been wanting to write this one for sometime now.  It has been inspired.

It was a bright and clear Saturday morning. (My Bulwer-Lytton entry…)  The summer of 2001 in Bangalore.  The place – Venkatesh tuitions.

I had reached early and was looking down at passersby from the terrace where the classes were held.  Equations involving acids, bases and salts were running all through my head.  Normally, I am not one who stares into the distance often while turning the pages of a textbook in my head.  But the Socratic method or sometimes, a far more brutal form of questioning employed by the teacher was the reason behind this ritual before every class.  A hospital right across the road added to the graveness while also subtly telling me about the consequences if the ritual was not performed.

A white Maruti 800 drew up.

My gaze subconsciously shifted to this new animate entity on the road, which seemed like an aberration on the still array which was the lazy Saturday morning.  The door opened and out stepped a person.  My brain registered this person like it would have registered a random person in a crowd of a 1000.

But, only for a brief instant.

The toss of her hair as the sunlight played through it, the discernable warmth on the face, the confidence in the walk…  Acids, bases and salts were quickly replaced by this peri.  Even the wave of goodbye to her dad seemed graceful.  She seemed to float in the air as she made her way up to the terrace.  A beautiful smile was on her face.

Yup!  It was my first crush! 🙂