Yes! That’s what I am going to be. I have seen/heard some “amazing” things in the last week and couldn’t help being condi… (condi = condescending)

First, this photo:

Yup! I am talking about the “pepes” 🙂 This actually set me thinking about all the places I had seen words spelled wrongly – spelled just as people mispronounce it phonetically. The funniest ones are in hotel menus. Gobi Manchurian is invariably slandered. The one which takes the worst hiding is the word “Chinese”. Although, the one that I remember most fondly is Malai Gupta!!! 🙂

Onto item number 2. This time it is something that I heard on the news channel Samay. Incidentally, I had been forced into watching all inane free-to-air channels for the whole week thanks to the cable operator’s policy. This happened in the aftermath of the Jaipur blasts. This young, upcoming channel tried to do a professional take on the blasts and had a really enthusiastic guy in the studio interacting with a reporter at Jaipur. A few usual questions were shot and equally usual replies were made, until one question caught my fancy. The studio guy asks the reporter “kaisi awaaz aayi?“…

Now this is what the reporter could have said:

1) Roll back the years and do a totally child-like rendition of “BOOOOOM!”

2) Launch into fits of explosive laughter at the utterly dumb question and hope that the studio guy will get an idea.

3) What the hell! Have a proper go at the studio guy. A novel way to increase the TRP ratings.

Just when I was recovering from the stomach cramps that I had developed, the studio guy shoots another question: “kitni awaaz aayi?” 😀

OK. And now for the grand finale! Creme de la creme. The icing on the cake. A photo again:

I saw this priceless board on the way to Almora. I did not stay at this place btw… Please gimme your comments ppl! 😀