Its been quite some time. Its been eventful. Have travelled across the country, faced an Adrian-Larry-Robert encounter and become rich! 🙂

There have been some gems along the way too. The holy man at Varanasi who preferred to listen to the Bhool Bhulaiya version of Hare Krishna Hare Ram, the signboard at Atari which said International Railway Station, “angreji sharaab signboards all over north India’s highways…

Cutting to the recent past. The following has been inspired by a Varun N R…

(on two separate occasions)

Step 1: Throw hands up in the air and shout “Yesssssssss!!!!”

Step 2: Jump off the chair and do a stylish air kick, while throwing your head back and pumping your fists.

Step 3: Put your right leg out and adopt a stable pose for the mad head banging that is about to follow.

Step 4: Mentally play the song “Its a beautiful day…” and head bang madly.

Step 5: Run outside and look at the normal unseeming world…

A high five and an Oh So Unbelievable thing…




  1. wanderlust said,

    January 18, 2008 at 11:08 am

    adrian larry robert.. curious…
    and congrats again.

  2. Malaveeka said,

    February 19, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    You’ve become rich? Congrats!

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