That’s impossible!

‘That’s impossible! No way that can happen!’ These are the thoughts that run through my head while watching many a movie. One of the windfalls of being an engineer, or even a science student for that matter, is that one begins to observe and analyze things objectively, more often than others. This is especially true during a movie when the brain begins to do parallel processing with the info that the eyes are taking in.

Take for instance the movie Superman. There is this one scene where superman stops a plane full of passengers hurtling towards the earth at an insane velocity with his hand – and the nose of the plane has just a small dent! A half decent engineer would immediately marvel at such an awesome material! True, such movies are made to awaken the child in everyone, it is all to do with fantasy; but then…

And then there is the other type – where the movie is not intended to be a fantasy but looks silly due to the callousness of the director. I had the misfortune of having to watch one such movie recently. The latest offering from that nonsense, empty, hollow director RGV. After having watched the deplorable Gayab some years back, I had promised myself that I wouldn’t watch another RGV flick. (One memorable silly scene in that movie being the one where the hero threatens to do “great harm” to the city if he doesn’t get his girl. The “great harm” turns out to be a series of public exposures of people’s privates…)

Anyway, peer pressure got the better of me and I sat down to watch this one. Some really novel concepts are introduced here – things like souls of people having the ability to lift and touch materialistic things while themselves being able to move through walls. One particular scene where both the wife and the Bhooth mistress fondle the hero is especially crazy. I kept thinking that no director can write such a hollow script and anticipated an ending where things would get tied up partly atleast.

Au contraire, the ending plunged the depths and touched the Nadir. It struck me about 3 minutes before the actual ending and I thought “NO WAY!!!”

I ended up screaming “That’s impossible!” at the end… RGV, hats off to you.