Bad start

‘Oh why does the phone have to be so loud?’ I thought to myself as I stretched out, grabbed the phone and shut off the alarm. I didn’t realize why I had set the alarm so early (which was 7 AM btw… 😛 ). Some time later, a phone call. It was my mom trying to wake me up for the one class of the day. (OK, laugh at me). Oh why do they have to schedule the one and only class at 7:55 in the morning???

This time, I glanced at the clock which read 7:48. Very difficult making it now – it would require me to get ready at an insane speed and run all the way to class. Not worth it. I crashed right back.

20 minutes later, another phone call. ‘Hey Aneesh, why the hell did you bunk? Surprise test!’ That really got me awake now. For the hundredth time I scolded myself – never keep the alarm within hand’s reach Aneesh, you are bound to do this! It was a difficult course and hence only the “heavyweights” had chosen to take it; and I miss a test… I am done for, I thought.

Desperately trying to salvage something, my brain started doing the math. I figured it out – I would lose 1.25 marks for having missed this one… 1.25!!! Ah! That’s ok! 😛