I shrugged – 1

A chance grouping of people once upon a time in class. A management assignment. A person that I held in good respect was in my group. I thought that it was all serendipitous.

The assignment was to be submitted the next day, and there were just two days to go for the end semester exams. Rebellious thoughts ran through the minds of all the groups – boycott was the only option.

Now I am well versed with the perils of disobeying the group philosophy. But this person was a glib talker. I too had the inclination towards doing the “right” thing. It was decided then – we wouldn’t boycott. There was one thing though. Only one afternoon was left and it was an assignment which required brain storming.

I’ll digress here. It is well known that xy is strictly not allowed into the abode of xx. It is considered taboo and something that is well guarded against. It is tacitly understood that the opposite will not happen and hence there is no rule prohibiting it.

Bearing this in mind, it was surprising when xx suggested the exact same thing in order to meet and finish the assignment. A cavalcade of thoughts ran through my head. Is this right? What is wrong after all? I just need to finish the assignment. Am I doing this for the vicarious thrill of being the cool guy? Let me suggest other alternatives… When it came down to the question of a yes or a no, I couldn’t say anything.

I shrugged.

It was my room. The time was decided. I decided to not take my roomie into confidence (I know, I was daft, Nair). A lame excuse instead. But the purpose was served though. It was a wonderful assignment. It was a very good group activity experience. The person had a lot of ideas. But here I’d like to repeat that it was a management assignment.

Let me cut to the chase. The windfall. News was out soon – our group had decided to do the assignment and the place that we had chosen to do it. I had antagonized a majority of the class. They were seething with rage. All were out to give me a grand GPL. I actually hid in a good Samaritan’s room!

It took some time for the “stabber” title to go. I was also linked (quite obviously!). Looking back, I feel that I didn’t think ahead. I didn’t do anything wrong, but it is better to do wrong and be accepted than to do right and be in soup.

The perils of a shrug…



I have always been a klutz. I have always been absent minded.

Right from the early days when I have spilled innumerable glasses of milk and broken innumerable bulbs to the later days when I “graduated” to doing grander stuff.

The time when I brought down a christmas tree when my sleeve got caught in one of its branches…

The time when I unwittingly ordered a cold milkshake and a hot cup of tea at a restaurant within 5 minutes of each other – it didn’t help that both arrived at the same time…

The time when I brought down the projector beaming images of an event live at my techfest by tripping on the wire – not once, but twice…

And the time when I turned off the computer with my subconsciously swinging legs right in the middle of my GRE exam…

I always end up thinking ‘how the hell did I do that?!’

Any other incidents that you remember people?

I have always been a klutz. I have always been absent minded.