I “pass”ed the “port” city…

I double checked. The ID card was in my pocket. The documents (which apparently prove my existence…) were in my bag. The ticket was in my wallet. Importantly, a big sturdy umbrella was in the bag. I was ready to go.

I was forced into making an insane journey back to college right in the middle of my hols thanks to my passport – it had finally, finally arrived. I had applied for it 8 months back! The only thing that I was looking forward to in this visit was a chance to get drenched in the torrential downpours that are synonymous with that place at this time of the year.

I settled down for an uncomfortable night in the bus. Sylvan surroundings met my eyes when I opened them in the morning. But this was not the time to admire nature – cos immediately I realized that I was still stuck in the ghats, my bus motionless due to a huge road block. We inched ahead at snail pace. The day started getting hot. Why isn’t it raining?

The culprit was a timber lorry as usual – it had had a breakdown and had strewn the logs all over the road causing the block. I cursed and swore under my breath. Finally we hit the coast. 80 kilometres more. Suddenly, I had a horrible thought – it was a Saturday and also the second Saturday of the month, the day government institutions are closed. I made a frantic call to the post office at S’kal and luckily they reassured me that they were working. I reached S’kal at 1 in the afternoon. A very hot day. I was already zapped of energy. Why isn’t it raining?

I ran to the post office and collected my passport. The purpose of my arduous journey was fulfilled. I had to find some way to kill the next 6 hours when I would catch my bus home. I made my way to the hostels. Ah! there was some music playing, people were here… Nerds I say! I made my way to a friend’s room and just as I was about to collapse beneath the fan, the power went off. Why isn’t it raining?

Jeeves and Psmith gave me company over the next couple of hours, before I decided to head to Mangalore. I needed to buy some stuff, visit the police station (to help my friend get his passport) and eat Ideal ice cream – a nice way to beat the heat… I’ll say it again – Why isn’t it raining?

Mess food in the night brought back unpleasant memories. It was time to catch the bus. I had hardly sat in the bus for 10 minutes when the skies opened up…



  1. wanderlust said,

    June 14, 2007 at 2:05 pm

    who’s at hostel now? and how many of them??

  2. AnSVad said,

    June 14, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    saw some gult IT fellows and other arbit ppl doing final year projects. apparently more IT and CS guys are going this week…

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