Hello! No formal introductions. No “first post”. I’ll jump straight in.

Pranksters in class have for long been unsung heroes. An impish comment cleverly uttered during class, loud enough for others to hear but yet faint enough so that the teacher doesn’t turn a hair… Clever retorts to the teacher who is caught totally off guard… An elaborate plan working to well-oiled perfection… Most of all, the poker face which they maintain with aplomb…
It is a special talent. It involves hitting that hazy intermediate region between getting caught and being unhumourous.

One such incident unfolded in class today. The mastermind, lets call him X, entered class with two flowers before the teacher had arrived. Now, this teacher was a new one. As with most new teachers, there was mutual hostility in the initial period. This teacher also had a jarring monotone with which she would go on and on – well rehearsed (shall I say “mugged”) notes would flow out smoothly. It was almost like a blaring radio! Deciding that something should be done, X put up an open bet – whosoever sits through the entire class with the two flowers in their ears would get a hundred bucks. The person accepting the bet would obviously have to face odd questions from the teacher at some point of time. Two brave guys decided to share the spoils and stepped forward.
The flowers were soon in their ears. The teacher entered and we wished each other. Anticipation was writ large on most faces. The teacher straight away walked up to these guys and started asking questions about the wierd “accessories”. The punch line was then delivered, the icing on the cake. The two guys with straight faces bravely answered that they had been to the temple that morning and that they had no idea why the rest of us were laughing. And laughing we were, holding stomachs infact! All that the teacher could manage was a feeble threat – that their marks in the final exam might be in jeopardy.

The whole episode was brilliant. X planned it brilliantly, the two brave guys executed it perfectly and the final dialogue was outstanding – nobody can get punished for being religious! Most importantly, the teacher was put in place. Well done guys! 🙂